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When you are ready to build your family through adoption or surrogacy, we want to be right there with you. This is an exciting time of your life, and our lawyers are ready to stand by your side and support you every step of the way! Whether you are planning to build your family through adoption, assisted reproductive technology (ART), or another alternative method of family formation, choose a Lexington County family law attorney who can take care of all of the technical details and legalities so that you can focus on the exciting process ahead.

Attorney Allie Bullard of Harling & West, LLC is a dedicated Lexington County adoption lawyer with years of experience. She focuses on the personal touch, from going to the hospital with her clients to walking them through each phase of the process step by step. Some of the areas she is prepared to help you with include, but are not limited to:

  • Birth Parent Representation - As a birth mother, choosing to place your child for adoption as the best choice for their future is an unselfish and loving decision. We want to support you during this time, standing by you and ensuring that your rights are protected throughout the process.
  • Domestic Adoption - If your adoption is taking place in the United States, we can help you determine whether you should choose to go through the process via a public or private agency or independently. We also can help finalize the process so that you don't have to worry about any loose ends or missed steps.
  • Contested Adoptions - Sometimes, legal battles concerning an adoption may come up. If this happens, we can fight aggressively for the necessary outcome so that you can focus on bringing your child home.
  • Foster Care Adoptions - If you wish to adopt a child out of the South Carolina foster care system, do not hesitate to call our firm and learn more about your options and how we can help you walk through the process of adopting a foster child.
  • Stepparent and Relative Adoption - Stepparent adoptions, in which a biological parent of a child remarries and his or her spouse wishes to assume legal parenthood, and adoptions by close relatives are usually the easiest forms of adoption to complete. We can walk you through this process and offer the guidance you need.
  • Second Parent Adoption - If you and your partner are unmarried but you wish to co-parent your child - or, in some situations, if your child was conceived through ART - contact Harling & West, LLC for help completing a second parent adoption.
  • Surrogacy - As technology advances, more and more couples are able to build the families they dreamed of through methods such as surrogacy. Whether you are an intended parent or a gestational carrier, we offer legal counsel and support for the decisions you face. Learn more about our surrogacy practice.

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Do you have questions about adoption, surrogacy, or another alternative form a building your family in in Lexington County or Columbia, SC? At Harling & West, LLC, we are committed to providing strong legal support to South Carolina families. Why hesitate? We offer free consultations regarding adoption cases, so there is no reason not to get in touch with our firm today!

For the dedicated and caring legal counsel you need, choose a South Carolina adoption attorney at Harling & West, LLC. Columbia Family Law Attorney Rebecca West and Lexington County Adoption Attorney Bullard have the experience necessary to help you achieve the resolution your family deserves. Call Harling & West, LLC today to learn more about how we are ready to help you bring your family home.

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